Get one of the specially marked Gatorade® 591mL or 950mL bottles (flavours are Orange, Cool BlueTM, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, Arctic BlitzTM, Glacier CherryTM, Glacier FreezeTM and Summit Storm®). Peel off the label to find your PIN on the inside of the label and enter your unique code(s) at gatoradegear.ca. Follow the instructions and fill out your contact information in order to successfully enter for a chance to instantly win thousands of prizes. Only one email address may be used per person to participate in the Contest.

You can find the codes on the inside of the labels of participating product. To see the codes, simply peel off the labels and look for the printed code on the back side of the labels.

Regular 591mL Gatorade flavours: for all base Gatorade flavours, the PIN will be on the back of the labels under the ingredient.

All Frost 950mL Flavours: for all Gatorade frost flavours, the PIN will be on the back of the labels.

Regular 950mL Gatorade flavours: for all base Gatorade flavours, the PIN will be on the back of the labels.

The contest starts on June 9, 2019 at 12:00:01 am ET and ends on October 5, 2019 at 11:59:59pm ET.

The contest is open to Canadian residents only, who are 13 years of age or older at the time of entry. See the Official Rules for details.

YES. Purchase is not required. Requests for no purchase codes may be postmarked beginning June 4, 2019. To obtain a no purchase unique code, provide an original written submission (minimum 25 words) describing what you love about Gatorade® products, with your name, province, age, phone number (with area code), and email address. Mail it to “GATORADE GEAR UP LIKE A PRO CONTEST No Purchase Request”, 5511 Steeles Avenue West, Suite 200, Toronto, ON M9L 1S7. Within two business days of receipt of a No Purchase Request, we will submit one randomly selected unique Code into the Contest Website on your behalf. This submission will qualify as your entry into the Contest.

There are Weekly Grand Prizes and thousands of Instant Win Prizes that can be won! There are a total of three Weekly Grand Prizes available to be won. Each Grand Prize consists of Gatorade® T-shirt, bottle, backpack, headphones and product for a year (in the form of free product coupons, to be redeemed by the winner).

Weekly Grand Prize Pack Items
Gatorade® T-shirt
Gatorade® bottle
Gatorade® backpack
Gatorade® headphones
Gatorade® product for a year (awarded in form of coupons)

There are also 25,532 Instant Win Prizes available. Odds of winning an Instant Win Prize depend on the algorithm (in relation to when the Code is entered).
The Instant Win Prizes include: Gatorade® sweatbands, Gatorade® squeeze bottle, Gatorade® towel, Gatorade® 1-Gallon cooler, 24 Pack Gatorade® coupon, Gatorade® toque, Gatorade® t-shirt, Gatorade® bottle & powder, Gatorade® string bag, and Gatorade® backpack.

Instant Win Prize Number Available
Gatorade® sweatbands 8,265
Gatorade® squeeze bottle 7,200
Gatorade® towel 5,754
Gatorade® 1-gallon cooler 234
24 pack Gatorade® coupon 620
Gatorade® toque 825
Gatorade® t-shirt 979
Gatorade® bottle & powder 154
Gatorade® string bag 1,039
Gatorade® backpack 462

See the Official Rules for more details on the Weekly Grand Prizes and Instant Win Prizes.

There’s a limit of one entry per unique and valid Code. The more unique codes you have, the more times you can enter during the contest period! There isn’t a weekly limit of entering codes, but only one email address may be used per person to participate in the Contest. Codes can either be obtained through an eligible product purchase, or with a Code received through the No Purchase Necessary method.

Please allow approximately four to six weeks for fulfillment of a Grand Prize or an Instant Win Prize.

Yes! You have a chance of winning both the Instant Win Prize and Grand Prize. However, you are only allowed one Grand Prize during the Contest Period.

You can email us at: gatorade@elitedigitalagency.com